See Me

SAM_3982See me yellow girl

eyes downcast with humility


See me back bending


giving up my seat to an elderly man

Hiding my fatigue

to wander to the back door and look out the window


See me light skin

Veins protruding at the wrists

Violet light hitting the dark spots under the eyes

Wary from reading


Who sees the rooms we stay

Locked in by white fences and loud families

That go where we go, live where we live?


To begin is no more suffering

open your mouth

I want to see the truths inside


See me white boy

pale hand reaching

impatient with longing

to exorcise this fear of winter and belonging


Tell my story, writer man

I came by boat by song

You seem to sing it better than me

But I hold the tale

nobody sees



I am speaking to you.


Poem inspired by June Jordan’s “Who look at me.” Directed by desire. Ed. Jan Heller Levi and Sara Miles. USA: Copper Canyon, 2007. 10-11. Print.