Thank you


(Painting: Flapping the Winds, Li Guijun)

Thank you for loving me

For holding my secrets

For taking my pain and cradling it in the places that are safe

For taking me in and giving me a place to lay my head

Thank you for letting me breathe with you

Letting me be sad and broken

Letting me tell you I was violated

Staying with me anyway

Sharing our bruised and broken bodies

Holding me when I tremble

Staying closeby when I don’t want to be touched

Thank you for loving me

Let me kiss your hands you must be tired

Let me feed you milk and honey,

get through our brokenness together

I cannot thank you enough

Let me say it again

You are more than enough

Dedicated to those who love me, who I love fiercely. You remind me why I continue to exist every day. Poem from my Senior monologue at Weaving Voices.