Memorial II

 S. observes crow in the rain


what are you seeing

in my mirror this morning

peering out like a hungry bird

behind my eyes

are you seeking the shape of a girl

you met in a Beijing Summer

or are you looking for my mother

I grow more and more

to resemble her



Do you remember

I could not accept your face dying

Do not know you now?


Surely your vision stayed

stronger than mine

you would have made a great photographer

for all the nuances you noticed       I would have missed

had you not shown me

Steven        tell me

where do dead boys wander

after their summer?


I wish I could see you again

far from me even

swan-like flying into the sun

your eyes are blinding me



*Based on Audre Lorde’s Memorial I

Elegy for a friend who passed away shortly after we became friends in the summer of 2013. Rest in peace, Steven. You are forever in my heart

Photograph of the moment Steven was outside in the rain speaking to this bird. Beijing, July 2013.

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